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Add address account (part two of three)

  1. [screen shot of current step] Start the Internet Connection Wizard in order to create an Outlook Express account with your address alias.  Start the wizard by pressing the Add button, and selecting Mail … in the Internet Accounts window. 
  2. [screen shot of current step] The Internet Connection Wizard will begin.  Your Display name: should already be filled in for you — if not, fill in your name.  Then, click the Next > button. 
  3. [screen shot of current step] Type the address alias you chose in the E-mail address field.  Then click Next >
  4. [screen shot of current step] Return to Notepad by selecting it in the Windows Taskbar. 
  5. [screen shot of current step] You will see the SMTP server name which you pasted earlier. 
  6. [screen shot of current step] To highlight the server name, choose Select All from the Edit menu. 
  7. [screen shot of current step] Then, in the Edit menu choose Copy
  8. [screen shot of current step] Return to Outlook Express
  9. [screen shot of current step] Fill in the E-mail Server Names
    1. Type in the Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP, or HTTP) server: field. 
    2. Right-Click into the Outgoing mail (SMTP) server: field, and select Paste
  10. [screen shot of current step] Click Next > to continue the wizard. 
  11. [screen shot of current step] Just click Next > without changing anything on the Internet Mail Logon page of the Internet Connection Wizard
  12. Simply click [Finish] on the final page of the wizard. 

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