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Add address account (part three of three)

  1. [screen shot of current step] The last thing to do is to properly configure your address account.  To do this: 
    1. Highlight the account, and
    2. press the Properties button. 
  2. [screen shot of current step] In the General tab of the Properties:
    1. Uncheck the box labeled Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing, and
    2. click the OK button. 
  3. [screen shot of current step] If you want Outlook Express to send messages with the From: as your address account by default, then
    1. highlight the account, and
    2. press the Set as Default button. 
    3. When you are finished (or if you want your ISP email account to be used by default) press the Close button. 
  4. [screen shot of current step] Switch to Notepad
  5. [screen shot of current step] You no longer need SMTPserver.txt open, so close it by clicking on the X in the upper right hand corner of the program. 

You may now start using Outlook Express with both your ISP email account, and your address alias. 
How to choose your “From:” address when composing a message → 

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