Are you a Heyer who lives in the US?

If so, then request an address email alias.  There are not many of us, so you should be able to get an address with your name (or maybe even first initial) followed by “” ( @  This service is completely free to US Heyers.  If, however, you end up really liking your address email alias then please consider giving a donation

I’ve requested an address, now what?

After you get a confirmation email saying that your address alias is active, you may want to setup your email program so that it sends messages with your address alias as the “From:” address. 

You do not have to, though.  And, if you use a service such as Hotmail you will not be able to.  But, you can still tell others about your address alias and they can send email to the alias and you will receive it, even if you change your primary email address (just remember to use the request form to tell us about the new destination address). 

Advanced users can just create a profile in their favorite email program which is set to not check for mail and uses the same outgoing mail server as their primary email account.  Others may use the setup instructions for Outlook Express

What is an email alias, exactly?

An alias is an email forwarder.  Any mail sent to the alias is forwarded to the email address provided by your work or ISP.  It is not an email account, or email box.  You do not require a password, nor do you get an email box from which to download messages. 

Do you offer email accounts?

No, we do not.  We could not offer email accounts cheap enough to be worth your money.  Plus, most people already have an email account through their work or internet access provider.  Lastly, why would you want the headache of checking yet another email account, when there are step-by-step setup instructions on integrating your address alias into your current email program? 

(That could have been a rhetorical question).  Maybe you want to keep your work email and personal email separate, or you'd just like a better email service.  We are not in any way affiliated with SpamCop, but are happy users of their service and we do highly recommend SpamCop if you are looking for a quality email account.  The key benefits are:

Do we have anything else to say?

Just one last thing.  If you really appreciate having an address email alias (or you use it as your primary “From:” address), then please consider giving a donation to support the cost of running the Addresses server.  (I know, we already said that). 

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